Ryders Lounge

RyderLounge offers a fun route to fitness that is fresh and challenging regardless of your fitness level. It’s the perfect fusion of gaming and fitness like nothing you ever experienced. Each Ryde is a professionally designed calorie-crushing cardio party that works your entire body: with emphasis on your abdomen, arms, legs, back and for the ladies… that all important “butt”. It is an energetic, fun and effective way to burn fat, ease stress and get that killer body.

Gaming is where we really shine. Get immersed in a virtual outdoor world every time you walk through our doors. Race with friends across the Swiss alps on Monday, over mountains and hills in Berwang, Australia on Tuesday, and on Wednesday through the African Serengeti. Experience the glory of finishing in 1st place and staring down your contenders with real time feedback on speed, distance covered and calories burnt.

Drown in the lights, get lost in the music, move to the beat, find your rhythm, find yourself, find your trybe!
Ultimately, we’re your about your fitness goals. We’d love to share in your journey, you set the rules and decide where you want to go and we’ll go with you. We only insist on having fun all the way there. We’re home to the most amazing people and we cherish friendships, fun and fit

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AdressCinnamon Garden Shopping Complex Victoria Arobieke str. Off Admiralty Way Lekki Phase 1, Lagos State