Proflex Fitness Centre

Welcome to Proflex, the only Gym in Lagos Nigeria with15 000 square feet dedicated solely to fitness and strength training. All our machines, lights, the entire facility is on industrial size UPS so there’s no interruption of your training!

In the fitness business since 1996, we are no amateurs in the art of body betterment and our approach to fitness is holistic, personalized and at the cutting edge of fitness trends. In the last 18 years, Proflex has undergone 3 major renovations, the last one in 2012 which was a complete overhaul of the entire facility. The entire gym has been redesigned to be light and airy, with no clutter and lots of space to move around, in order to give a feeling of calm intensity in a luxurious and top notch fitness environment.

Come discover our dedicated cardio area with over 20 different specialized machines to help you torch fat or work up your cardio levels. At Proflex you can also access our professional sized Squash court, a fun and dynamic way to work on your cardio conditioning goals. Proflex also takes pride in having one of the largest weight training sections, where our team of dedicated and professional trainers can help you pump up those muscles or just develop core strength.

For those of you interested in group fitness, at Proflex we have 2 studios dedicated to collective fitness with classes ranging from Zumba, to Tae-bo, to Yoga, and of course our own dedicated spinning studio.

The best way to achieve results is to make healthy and sustainable lifestyle choices, and an excellent way to learn those practices is through personal training. Working with a Proflex Personal Trainer will help you take your current fitness ambitions to the next level. Working one on one with a professional and dedicated fitness expert will push you further than you thought you could go!

At Proflex, we believe it is fundamental for each client to select the trainer they wish to work with based on a variety of criteria such as gender, personality, specific goals, timing etc. Our dedicated team is there to help you identify who will motivate and inspire you to reach your physical potential in the long run.

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AdressRocky Island, 20- 24 Ozumba Mbadiwe Rd, Eti OSA, Lagos.